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Natural Bamboo Flooring

Devoe Color Center has 100′s of Bamboo flooring options for you home! Come in and see the latest Bamboo flooring styles. If you want professional installation, click here for a free flooring quote.

“Create a space where you’ll truly feel at home”.

Bamboo flooring combines elegance, versatility, form and function, making this natural product an ideal flooring solution for you. And now offered in new colors, stains, grains, and textures, Bamboo floors will compliment rooms of any style or décor.

Unique grains provide looks that can’t be found with other flooring products. The beautiful hues are not painted, but rather are naturally inherent to the material. As with any natural product, the color and shade variations only add to the beauty and nuance of the finished floor.

The demand for Bamboo has been increasing for many years because of its unique beauty and elegance. Bamboo is now one of the preferred materials for interior designers. Trend-setting and aesthetically pleasing, Bamboo combines hard wearing capabilities and ecological considerations. Bamboo presents an unmistakably high quality surface appearance giving any space a great, fresh look!

Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is environmentally sound. Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, Bamboo flooring is recognized as a true gem in modern sustainable architecture.

Healthy Alternative: People are becoming increasingly aware of the influence our built environment has over health. As with Cork, Bamboo is being specified more and more in response to rising concerns about indoor air quality, allergens, off-gassing, and the presence of PVC’s often associated with traditional building materials.

Durable: Bamboo is composed of complex fibers that do not absorb moisture as easily as wood. The manufacturing process and quality of the machinery provides assurance that our Bamboo planks will not delaminate. A technically advanced aluminum oxide coating, outlasts traditional finishes 3 to 4 times over. These features go in sync to make Natural CORK Bamboo an exceptionally stable flooring material.

Natural Beauty: Bamboo flooring boasts a unique appearance that is complimentary to many decors. Exotic and elegant, the beauty of Bamboo will enhance your interior while remaining true to its natural origins. Just like with any other natural product, differences in tone and appearance are to be expected. These variations establish the singular character that is your Natural CORK Bamboo floor.